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Construction Nightmares

In the last two weeks of the summer, I attempted to complete the installation of a pool and update the bathrooms of a house I own on the tiny little Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Wow, do I now have an...

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Relocation Queen

What fun it was to join my long-time clients in their search for a Florida apartment. You might be wondering – why was I involved, let alone tagging along.

For starters, I am obsessed with real estate, so I will always jump at any opportun...

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Annie Sells Her Apartment

The Wall Street Journal reached out this week to interview me for an article about sales at 15 and 35 Hudson Yards. As many of you know, my apartment is for sale at 15, so I welcomed the opportunity to talk with them.

My needs have changed ...

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Filiming “Selling New York”

Nearly ten years ago, I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time at the clubhouse of The Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. I was filming an episode of HGTV'S Selling New York. The show's storyline followed me as I arranged for the...

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Blast from the Past

To be honest, when I started my wild real estate ride nearly 40 years ago, I was clueless. I was only hired by a small Upper East Side firm because I begged. The office was located in a basement next to a firehouse, and day after day, I happily...

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Girl Power

Seeing a woman covering the "front of the house" in an NYC building is rare. Think about it, how many of you have a female "door person"?

240 Riverside Boulevard happens to have a few women who open the doors and/or work the front desk. It d...

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Ouch — Selling at a Loss

Selling at a "loss" is never easy. It brings up a whole host of different feelings; I know because I am in that position myself.

Six years ago, I went into contract to buy my current apartment at Hudson Yards. The completion date was two ye...

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Walking in Your Shoes

Wow, what an eye-opener! Having just listed my own apartment for sale, I am now "walking in the shoes" of my sellers. Boy, do I have a much deeper appreciation for what they go through, especially if there are kids still at home.

I now wake ...

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Leaving NYC? Let me help!

When I sat down to write the opening of this newsletter, I simply intended to write about how the long-standing relationships I have with building staff help me “get it done." I quickly realized how much these relationships have meant to me. ...

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More than ever, people are reaching out to get my help when looking to buy or sell, not only in Manhattan but across the country and around the world.

Just this week, I got a call from a long-time client looking to buy a condo for their dau...

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