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Annie Sells Her Apartment

The Wall Street Journal reached out this week to interview me for an article about sales at 15 and 35 Hudson Yards. As many of you know, my apartment is for sale at 15, so I welcomed the opportunity to talk with them.

My needs have changed with my kids leaving the nest, but I love my building and living in such a vibrant, safe, clean neighborhood and will probably just move to a smaller apartment in the building after I find the right buyer.

The reality of today’s market is that most of us in Manhattan, who bought in 2017, are either barely breaking even or losing money if they choose or need to sell now. So, that’s the bad news. The good news is there is a great opportunity for buyers who want to own these gorgeous apartments at a huge discount.

On a side note, when you read the article you’ll see they chose a picture where I look like I am contemplating jumping out my window which I found entertaining. As a divorced mom, I told them I wish they added that both the apartment and I are on the market ?

Happy reading!

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