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Girl Power

Seeing a woman covering the “front of the house” in an NYC building is rare. Think about it, how many of you have a female “door person”?

240 Riverside Boulevard happens to have a few women who open the doors and/or work the front desk. It dawned on me that I held myself back from fist-bumping them while shouting “girl power” as I walked into the lobby. But why?

I guess, in a small way, I view them as trailblazers or imagine they may have had to push harder to get and keep their jobs.

Lule has worked at 240RSB for 18 years, and we always find something to chat about while waiting for my clients.

Today I mentioned that I grew up in Merrick, Long Island, and her face lit up. Not only did it turn out that we attended all the same schools, but her dad owned “Sam and Tony’s,” the pizza place right across the street from my childhood home. It was in one of those booths that I had my first date with Scott Barr, and where my working mom would send me to pick up dinner at least once a week.

There are so many things that I love about my job, but at the top is connecting. These interactions, big and small, fill my days with joy, laughter, and gratitude for the city I live in and the community I continue to nurture.

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