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Wise and Wonderful Women

Wise and Wonderful Women

My group of “Wise and Wonderful Women” has grown organically out of my passion for bringing people together. Although I focus mainly on those of us who are 45 or older, my monthly dinners educate and inspire women of all ages through a variety of different topics. We are accomplished, beautiful, funny, interesting, and simply fabulous women from all walks of life. I love sharing on our new private WWW Facebook page but sitting down for a meal and sharing life’s highs and the lows empowers us in a more meaningful way. Our panelists offer important and possibly lifesaving information; helping us live our happiest, healthiest, and best lives. I film each speaker so look at our WWW video library to check out a topic you would find helpful.

These gatherings are free of charge and my hope is that they will reinforce to all of us how much we have to offer at this point in our wonderful, well-lived lives. Sure the years bring some wrinkles and a few battle scars, that’s life, but the wealth of experience, the deeper empathy and compassion we have now and the wisdom, are well worth it!

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