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Count Your Blessings

Although the holidays can be frenetic, I try my best to take some time to reflect and appreciate all the blessings of the prior year.

2022 brought many wonderful things. My daughters are happy and healthy, work has never been busier, I have wonderful friends and family, and my plate is full helping several non-profits with their important missions.

This year also brought the devastating loss of my amazing mother after a battle with dementia. That journey reinforced the importance of family, friendship, human connection, taking care of our health and having one’s financial affairs in order.

For the last two years I sent out a weekly publication for my non-profit ONE BLOCK, but only in the last couple months have I been sending out a personal newsletter. I’ve found it really rewarding because my passion is connecting people and the feedback has been great. Yes, I talk about real estate, but I also try to share ways that I think can help others in various ways. I hope you enjoy!

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